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 What To Expect

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PostSubject: What To Expect   Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:08 am

What to expect of Shaolin and what Shaolin expects of You.

Upon joining Shaolin you will be under our rules. We aren't a very strict alliance, but yes, we do have rules.

At Shaolin we only want Team Players. Players who aren't just in the alliance to get an easier life and to sponge off of us. We want contributing members. Members who aren't afraid to spend a bit of time on others. Players who work for the team. Not selfish players who only think about themselves.

Just a heads up. Members are required to contribute a minimum of 2000 renown a week. Players could contribute 7000 easily if they're active daily, however we accept that they may want to use their provisions and merits for other purposes. But a 2000 minimum requirement each week is in place, and very reasonable too. This not only helps the alliance gain construction towards our next level, but it helps you, the player gain benefits from a special quest related to how much renown you have.

It is also required that all Steeling, Fortifying, and Spiritie Beads are given to the Alliance Marshal (Gawyne). You can do this via Trade or Courier, whichever you prefer. These Beads can only be used by the Alliance Marshal and are used to increase the Alliance Power, which we are currently rank 1 for in the server. We would like to keep it this way Wink

Also, if you acquire any Mythil or Oora Stones, please collect and donate those to the alliance too. These will help the alliance greatly once we have the Fort Wink If you need bag space then you can send the to Gawyne or DaHawk (Both are my chars - Alliance Leader)

Other rules you will see if you become a member, but are generally based around Common Sense and Respect for Others.

So, that is some of what we expect from you upon joining. What You can expect from us.

You can expect a Friendly and Fun Community. Active and fun topics discussed in alliance chat regularly, we have nice interesting debates, one of my most memorable and interesting debates was about Love and Hate, however don't let that scare you Razz

A Fair and Just Community. Shaolin members are Equals. Higher levels are treated no differently to the lower levels in the alliance (Ask the Ascended player we kicked a couple of weeks ago xD ).

Help and Assistance with Events, Quests, Questions, etc etc. An alliance is here to help and support its members. However, don't expect everyone to drop what they're doing the very moment you ask for something, have a little bit of patience.

Alliance Wars and Events. We are an alliance that enjoys fun wars and events, and we will have plenty of them Very Happy

That is just some of what you can expect from Shaolin. If you think it could be you, feel free to fill out an Application Form =)
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What To Expect
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